The Citroën Ami One Concept presents future mobility for all

Citroën Ami One Concept

In the PSA Group , in order of seniority, Citroën is the third longest-running firm after Peugeot and Opel . However, the house of the double chevron is the most risky and launched of the five that currently make up the French conglomerate. Therefore, it was not strange that they wanted to celebrate their first centenary of life with a prototype that went out of the ordinary. Thus, we have before us the Citroën Ami One Concept .

Simplifying, the Citroën Ami One Concept centers its existence on four pillars. First: it's one hundred percent electric . Second: it is made by and for the city. Third: can be used from 16 years, so it does not require driving license . Fourth: for use on demand , that is, that can be used if need to be the owner of the vehicle. From here, we could establish, more or less similarities with other models.

Freedom in the city " by Citroën "

The Citroën Ami One Concept measures 2.50 meters long and 1.50 meters high (not now there is a width figure). With these dimensions, it is 0.2 meters smaller than the Smart ForTwo offering a cabin with the same configuration (for two passengers). The main change is in how the interior is accessed, as it is done through the reading of a QR code through the mobile phone. Once the doors are unlocked, one opens forward and one backward. Finally, it has alloy wheels of 19 inches.

One of the great innovations of Ami One Concept is that its use can be managed from the following form:

  • Between 5 minutes and 5 hours . Through the Free2Move platform you can manage the use of the vehicle.
  • Up to 5 days . Through a short-term rental by entering the Citroën's Rental & Smile .
  • Until 5 months . Without being an owner, we can use and enjoy this time.
  • Up to 5 years . Contract long-term rental that includes several services. Maintenance of the battery, choice of delivery and pick-up point or parking.
Citroën Ami One Concept

On a mechanical level, the Citroën Ami One Concept is driven and moved by electricity . We do not know the power of the set, but its maximum speed will be 45 kilometers per hour and 100 kilometers of autonomy. The recharge of the lithium ion battery lasts, using a WallBox , about two hours. Finally, for pedestrians to notice their presence, has a sound that is formed by voices of people.

Among the technological elements that we can find in the Ami One Concept is the Drive-Pod , that is, the element that allows wirelessly charging the mobile while interacting with the car. The information appears through a five-inch screen and is complemented by a Head Up Display projected on the windshield. The interior is dressed with enameled moldings or the roof, retractable, is opened manually.For now, it does not seem likely to become reality, but who knows if in a few years we will see something similar rolling down the streets.

Source - Citroën

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