Ford Brasil closes São Bernardo do Campo and eliminates passenger cars

Ford Brasil closes São Bernardo do Campo and eliminates passenger cars

Ford needs to refloat its situation as it happens . The tentacles of the blue oval signature are immense, since they extend across the five continents. However, in all of them things do not go the same and therefore, are weaving a plan to contain losses and improve their sales . The most problematic market, today, is the European market, but we can not be deceived because there are other areas, such as Latin America where they are not having a good time.

Currently, the SUV's and all-terrain triumphs in the South zone of the American continent (and half the world) and that, Ford, knows it. Therefore, they have decided to continue with the plan they announced a while ago: load all the cars. In this way, we come to the news that has emerged in the last hours: close one of the factories that have in Brazil . Four models currently come out of it and are not exactly the brand's most sold in this area of ​​the world.

Ford begins its global restructuring plan

 Ford Cargo Brazil

Today, the São Bernardo do Campo factory leaves the Fiesta ​​strong> of the sixth generation, the Cargo, F-350 and F-4000 . The first one stopped selling in Europe a year and a half ago, but the last three belong to the industrial segment. However, the American firm has decided to completely cease this branch of its business, as it is not profitable. Thus, after more than 90 years they will stop marketing this type of products, because they also discard their importation.

All in all, the range of Ford Latin America will no longer be made up of cars. With the disappearance of the Fiesta of the sixth generation, the march of the third Focus will be added. In this way, the only products that the brand will maintain will be the Ka and EcoSport that are manufactured in the factory, also Brazilian, of Camaçari . However, unless the market changes, in much of Latin America they will not see the Fiesta and Focus again.

For now, it is unknown if this restructuring could come to other Ford centers in the region. In Argentina and Mexico they have other factories, so they could be the following. However, we will have to see if time gives them the right, because as the saying goes "it is not good to put all the eggs in the same basket".

Source - Ford

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