The Subaru VIZIV Adrenaline Concept will be in Geneva and this is your teaser

Subaru has been flirting for a while with the idea of ​​launching hybrids and electric to the market. However, because of their own technical idiosyncrasies, they are still studying the best way to do it. Even so, they already have for sale in the United States at Crosstreck Hybrid and things as they are, their sales are increasing. In any case, this model is very adapted to the tastes of a specific market and they want to take the leap towards the global.

For this, they are working on several technical solutions with which to take the step. First, a few days ago they confirmed that their hybrid models will be called e-Boxer . With this, in addition to confirming that they will continue to maintain the boxer mechanics in their range, they announce that they will also host the plug-in versions. However, it remains to be seen what will be the road they will take when electrifying their next models.

A new SUV with electric or hybrid mechanical e-Boxer

We will get to know this situation very soon, as well as in the next Geneva Motor Show . To this appointment, the Japanese firm will take the VIZIV Adrenaline or what is the same, a new conceptual SUV. To confirm their presence, they have published a first teaser in which we can see little, although we can distinguish some details. Among the most prominent are the Full LED optical groups or a mirrors of minimalist size.

Other elements that talk about the design that we can know in Geneva are your wheel arches , the ground clearance or raised hood above. The front grille is not very noticeable, but it seems to indicate that it will evolve the lines that we already know in the XV or new Legacy. On the other hand, entering the field of speculation, the body could have two doors marrying perfectly with a downline of the roof.

The rest of the aesthetic data or technicians are a complete unknown, but in a matter of weeks (but days) we will have them on the table. However, the presentation of the Subaru VIZIV Adrenaline Concept will take place on March 5 at the stand of the Palexpo brand. Even so, do not lose track, because surely new leaks arise that give us more ideas about what awaits us.

Source - Subaru

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